MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is a powerful tool using colour and symbol to make the preconscious visible. It is a very unique, visual and creative tool which is used in combination with a variety of therapies (psychotherapy, music and art therapy and occupational therapy).


The MARI system accesses information from our psyche, in a playful, non-threatening way.

It allows us to experience transformation and new insights about ourselves and our life situations.

 It is:

  • based on a Jungian system of symbols and colours, developed and researched by art therapist Joan Kellog in the 1970's.
  • used to assess a client’s current psychological state and gives a visual representation of the psyche.
  • used to access material from the unconscious mind using symbols and colours thereby adding richness to the therapeutic dialogue.
  • a process, using both left and right brain-thinking, with the client as the guide in leading the discovery.
  • a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic tool bringing clarity to the issue at hand.  Once you see the psyche in this new way, you can understand and affect change.




The MARI provides – for therapists:


The MARI provides – for clients:

In-depth psychological information that is traditional, transpersonal and creative.

Positive short-term counseling and easy record keeping.

Enjoyable, non-threatening experience where clients have full autonomy.
Allows clients to access their own intuitive guidance.

Reveals strengths, insight and awareness in a visual way.




More about The MARI Card Test


The MARI card test is a non-verbal way of gaining insight into one's present state---in mind, body and spirit. Art therapist Joan Kellogg developed this method in 1978 based upon art therapy principles, consciousness research, Jungian theory and cross-cultural studies. Amazingly simple, the card test provides insights which we may find difficult to express through words.

The MARI Card test has been researched by the Mandala Assessment Research Institute (MARI) for validity and reliability. The process works well for people seeking new personal insights and has also been effective in a variety of health care systems: medical, mind-body, drug and addiction rehabilitation, counselling and therapy, education, correctional institutions, among others. Ongoing research and validation of this test is a continual process.

What to expect from a session:

The less a client knows about the symbols the better. A session can be arranged as part of a therapeutic journey, or it can be a one-off assessment.

6 symbol and colour cards are chosen from a possible 39 symbol and 45 colour cards.  The cards are then arranged on a 12-phase board. 

The practitioner explores the universal and personal meanings of the cards with the client.

The session is concluded by drawing a mandala (circular picture).    



Get a MARI assessment

The best way to experience the value of this powerful tool, is to go for an individual assessment with one of the following practitioners:

  NameAreaContact e-mailContact Tel No.Qualification / Registration
Di_3_bw Diane MarisCape Town 0829260548

MARI Practitioner and Trainer;

Guided Imagery and Music Practitioner;

Musician and Process Art Facilitator.
Eleen PolsonOld East, Pretoriaeleen@polsons.info0722121719Counselling Psychologist with specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy
Jolena miniJolena NicolMoot,


Occupational Therapist, Expressive Arts Therapy

Kobie Temming SwartKobie Temmingh


Music Therapist, GIM Fellow and Trainer
SAMSUNG CSCChristel Andersen (Engelbrecht)Arcadia, Pretoria

082 3967806

GIM Practitioner,

Numerologist & Tour guide

Petra Jerling

Petra Jerling



084 5484 202


Registered Music Therapist 

 Carol Pearce 2Carol PearceKenridge, Cape Townpearceclmetc@gmail.com084 247 9486

Program Co-ordinator at CPUT

Nadine Gray scale Nadine Dunn

 Witbank Mapumalanga 013 692 8580/ 083 324 2949Professional Counsellor 
Sonet van Schalkwyk

Vaal Triangle

sonet.vanschalkwyk@telkomsa.net079 510 3157

Industrial Psychologist

Registered Counsellor

 Venise Germanos 084 240 0183

 Counselling Psychologist 


 Jane du PreezCenturion, Pretoria 280 4772 

Registered counsellor

 Carol NelsonCape Town  076 1491 815Artist & Life Alignment 





MARI training


2 Parts:

1)               Short Workshops (Introduction to MARI)

2)               Intensive Training to become a MARI Practitioner


Short Workshops

Come and experience a taster of the MARI (Mandala Assessment Research

Instrument), through the medium of creative expression, Morning session.

(This is an experiential workshop and does not equip someone to use the test.)


 DateTownVenue Presenter(s) To book contact Investment CPD* allocated
To be arrangedCape Town

Erin Hall, Rondebosch

Eleen Polson

eleen@polsons.infoR9006 CEU's
To be arrangedPretoriaBrooklyn Methodist Church

Eleen Polson &

ChristelEngelbrecht R900 6 CEU's


 intensive training to become a MARI practitioner


To become a MARI practitioner and use this amazing tool in your practice, a four day intensive training is necessary, as well as purchasing the MARI-material. 

MARI Course CT January 2018.  More information on the Intensive MARI course. 

Booking form MARI Intensive Course January 2018  Fill in this form and send back to Diane Maris at

Next training dates: 

 DateTownVenuePresenter(s) To book contact Investment CPD* allocated
25 (19h00)- 28 January (17h00) 2018Cape TownTo be confirmedDiane Marisimageryandmusic@iafrica.comR3700+$330 (R7300)20 CPD
November 2017 to be confirmedPretoriaMusic Therapy Unit, UPDiane Marisimageryandmusic@iafrica.comR3700+$330 (R7300)20 CPD 





For more info please visit

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